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Month: December, 2011

Ambilly Amble

I’m staying with my French famille in Ambilly, Haute-Savoire, Rhone-Alps, France.  Ambilly is pronounced Ahm-bee-YEE.

I went on a petit prominade this morning around the neighborhood this morning…


Le Cité et Le Ciel

Home of Toulouse Lautrec


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Maybe I Should Miss My Stop More Often

I got to see these colorful little boulangerie beauties purely by chance today…

All because I accidentally ended up here:

I was riding the RER C train back from Versailles, where I got hired as an au pair today(!), and I missed my stop for Paris.  I ended up in a little town called Ablon-sur-Seine.  When I realized I missed my stop, I knew had to get off somewhere, and Albon sounded like Abelone and I like that word, so I thought, why not?  Whenever I can make an association between something new and something I know and like, I go with it.  It also just…felt right to get off there, and I’m big on going on intuition.

Get a load of those clouds…

At first I was a bit scared when I stepped off the train because it was a really small station and it’s kind of a shock to go from Paris to a really small little French town.  I saw a girl who looked about 18, dressed in black with a black bag with a dragon patch on it–I kind of imagine she enjoyed Girl with the Dragon Tattoo–and I asked her to help me get to the other side of the tracks.  I followed her and she walked so fast, with me trailing behind.  She was shy and strong and quick and we spoke very little but she just struck me, kind of.  She seemed to be someone who had gone through something difficult in life, who felt intensely was had a lot of defense mechanisms, but was also giving and thoughtful.  I wish I spoke to her more, but once she showed me the station, the girl with the dragon patch was back on her way. I’m sorry I don’t have a picture of her, but I imagine she would have felt uncomfortable had I asked to take her picture.

I paid for my return ticket, but then I thought that maybe there was a reason I got stranded in this little town, and decided to walk around. As you can see from the sky, it was a clear, blue, beautiful day–really frigid, but gorgeous and not rainy, which is a lot to say for this time of year.

I walked into the town and people definitely stared at me like a stranger in town.  I imagine not that many outside people come to Ablon.

As I walked, I began to pass some gorgeous little home fronts and buildings on the main street in town:


I could see that at the end of the street, there was a body of water.  When I reached it, the water and the sky and surrounding homes really took my breath away:

That house–I want to go to there.  Had I more time, I would have figured out how to get there.  I would have loved a small boat right then.

The architecture close to the water was kind of beach-y and coastal:

Slightly worse for wear, but it has its charm:

Then within the neighborhood, things got very alpine…

I love the smoke coming from the chimney:

With this, it’s nothing special, I just like the colors of the doors:

So, get lost more!  This ended up being a really happy accident.  I am kind of in love with this town.  I remember walking around and thinking, “I could die here.  I wish this town would just swallow me up.”  I don’t mean that in a sad, I-want-to-die way; I mean it in a I’m-so-content-I-could-die kind of way.  I don’t know why that translates into me wanting the town to eat me, but it does.  It was just an adorable, charming place, a real treat to visit.  I shall return ❤





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