Jadis et Gourmande

by G Goodman

These tasty treats are from a shop in or around Le Marais called Jadis et Gourmande.  I’d love to eat my words if they were made out of chocolate.

Who is Charly and will he mind if I eat his chocolate for him?  Come on, Charly.  You don’t need all that sugar.

But I do.  I need it.

Chocolate covered candy orange peels holy yumminess.  I don’t know why I didn’t buy some of these.  I think it has something do with being broke and feeling impending diabetes.  But I wish I had bought at least one to try.  But every 5 feet in Paris you see something that looks so good you want to cry.  Every.  Five.  Feet.  It’s just a land of constant sweet tooth temptation.  So, torture basically.  So if I come home with a pained expression on my face, now you know why.