Put A Bird On It

by G Goodman

At the same antique store in Versailles that I’ve posted about before, Au Facteur Cheval, I saw this awesome antique wooden door with birds and strange clouds on it.

I think they would make pretty rad tattoos.

I’m not so much a tattoo person personally, as in I don’t have any, besides a white one that when I was 21 which you can’t even really see (which was the point).  The permanence of them scares me, as I am a generally mercurial person and I worry about getting one and regretting it.  I generally hate most tattoos, but ones which are really well done I appreciate a lot.  Anyway, I enjoy thinking about images which would make good tattoos and I thought I’d share these.

Of course then I think of the whole Portlandia “Put a bird on it!” cliche, sooo….nah, forget it, I still like birds.  And from this antique, we can see that people have been putting a bird on it for a long time and it holds up.  So I say put a bird on it!!