Happy Valentine’s Day

by G Goodman

Today is Valentine’s Day and I’ve woken up with a valentine…in the form of a cold.  It’s very romantic.  I’m doing kinky things with Kleenex.  Or Kleenexchetta or whatever Italians call them.  I’m blaming this cold on the inordinate amounts of dairy I’ve been eating–epic amounts of milk products combined with freezing cold weather always make me sick, and I’ve been mainline-ing hot chocolate and pizza for days now (not complaining about available pizza and Italian hot chocolate, but I’ve had too much).  But today I am trucking it back to Venice and then to Bologna and I’m going to go against my natural inclination to be a baby about this and just try to be strong and mature and not let a little cold get in the way of the fact that I am in ITALY.  So, come on.  Valentine’s Day.  Italy.  I’m with some awesome friends.  And food.  And I went to Venice yesterday.  God.  Amazing.

Here I am with sweet Eleanor!  Sorry, I know we are doing that annoying kissy-face thing, but we were…you know…at a wedding in Italy where the wine flows like sweet nectar, and kissy faces just happen.  She just got married on Saturday and it was the best wedding I’ve ever been to! I’m going to catch you all up on that, okay?  I just need an internet cafe and about 10 hours.

As far as writing goes, mums been the word lately.  Sometimes I…just feel kind of paralyzed, too paralyzed to write.  I wrote somethings yesterday about how I was feeling, and then the internet ate them and they disappeared into the ether.  So I took that as a sign to just post a picture to sum things up and move on.  Things in my head and heart have been a bit intense lately, and it’s just been easiest to communicate with images rather than words in a public forum such as this blog, even though like 4 people read it.

But sweet Audrey wrote me from Paris and says she has been reading and noticed that I haven’t written lately and asked me to write more, and wanted to know about my trip and my impressions of Italy.  So I’m going to make an effort in the next few days to catch up on things.  I’ve also gotten notes from other friends checking in on me and encouraging me and I appreciate it a lot.

I loooooove yoooooou, my readers.  And Italy.  I love you, Italy.  Thank you for being my Valentine.