La Sposa

by G Goodman

Isn’t she lovely?  Sweet El.  I love this photo.  She looks blown away, in awe of something, her dress fluttering in a gust of wind.  And I can testify that she was freezing her soon-to-be-wed ass off.  It was below freezing with a windchill of ridiculous.

Eleanor asked me to be her iPhone wedding photographer and I’m so very pleased with the photos, which turned out so lovely because El is so lovely, in her adorable vintage style–A flowy, silk, short cream-colored dress with a knotted bodice and a ruffled, low-cut neckline, a silk baby blue cape with an off-set bow, scarlet 1940’s movie star pumps, her Mia Farrow pixie, her grandmother’s mink, and a bouquet she made by hand of simple red roses wrapped in an heirloom floral handkerchief.  She was the image of perfection and the most adorable model.

I love the tattoos with the wedding dress.  It actually adds to the whole look.  She could not be more adorable.

Her pretty glittery clutch is from J. Crew.  I love her understated and elegant ring–sweet, delicate, classy, just like El herself.  The red nails are a perfect touch.  This is how it’s done, ladies.

It worked out great that we had red and blue backgrounds to work with at her house.  The blue background was taken in her kitchen and the red in her bedroom.  Here’s a wider shot:

And no, we didn’t meticulously place an adorable potholder, rosemary, a bag of clementines, and a bottle of sparkling water (next to a large jar of olives on the floor) in the photo, I swear.  It’s just Italy and it’s Eleanor’s house and everything is adorable all the time.  Sigh.

We’ve got to have some obligatory getting-ready photos of the bride!  Everybody does it!

No professional hair, make-up, flowers, of photography.  And she’s the prettiest bride she could be, all on her own.  Do-it-yourself casual elegance!!!  Post-modern sophistication!!!  Footloose and fancy-free!!!!  Sigh.  These pictures make me happy and apparently turn me into a gushy mush mush.